Work Begins On First Anthology Invite

I can't remember when I last wrote a new story. It may well have been The Necessary Evils back in 2018. You don't need me to tell you how much the world has changed since then, but to me, 2018 feels a genuine lifetime ago. I believed that my writing days were over; that the ability to come up with new ideas had deserted me. More importantly, the desire to write was gone. Was. It seems the recent interest in my work was enough to stir my muse. He/She has been absent of late, likely taking time away from the chaos of the real world, to smoke cigars and drink port. I'm glad he/she is back. I'm not sure if my ability to write has returned, or if it ever went away. The words come, it's difficult

Now Live: Legend of the Chained Oak

The web version of Legend of the Chained Oak is now live. You can read it in full HERE. This was the first story I wrote, way back in 2013. To see it get a fresh run in 2020 is fantastic! The audio version will appear online soon. I'll post a link as and when.

Legend Of The Chained Oak to be published online and produced as an audio tale.

I'm delighted to announce a new partnership with the team at CreepyPastaStories/ChillingTalesForDarkNights! Legend Of The Chained Oak is to be published online as part of their extensive collection of short stories, and it will also be produced and aired in audio form on the Chilling Tales For Dark Nights podcast, available for free via YouTube. This partnership sees a dramatic change of approach regarding the sale and publication of my work, and while I will still be writing longer prose with the aim of a traditional release, working with CreepyPastaStories affords me a platform on which I can share my vast collection of short stories (past and future) with an established audience of horror

The Necessary Evils now available in paperback.

After a mildly successful Kindle launch, The Necessary Evils/Sick Girl is now available as a paperback. While not the thickest tome I ever penned, Father Darkness aficionados will be wanting to add this to their collections. It's also rather good: "Dan Weatherer’s work is a decent mix of character development, dialogue, atmosphere, and emotion. Whether it be a young boy discovering the gates to Hell or a young woman deciding that she does need to live, Dan is able to convey what really may happen in those situations, while giving you the reader a chance to develop the story further in your mind." Kendall's Horror Reviews, 2019. Get your copy HERE. (UK) US version available from #t

FatherDarkness.Com Returns!

Sometimes things happen without your input, and perhaps I'm experiencing one of those times. It is early days, but the signs are promising. I've a plan which involves sharing my work with a larger audience...expect an announcement soon. A new era beckons, the Father's return approaches. #shortstories #fatherdarkness #chilling #creepypasta

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