The USA Embraces Father Darkness

As seems to be a common trend of late, theaters in the USA are picking up plays of mine for production.

I am delighted to announce that 'Beige' will be performed on a single ticket at the Carpinteria Community Theatre (Alcazar Theatre), Carpinteria, CA 4/6-4/15. (6 performances). 'The Holding' is being performed at Illinois Wesleyan University 3/28-29 (2 performances).

Coupled with a further 6 performances of 'The Holding' at The Old Church Theatre, in Bradford, that takes total performances of my material up to 15!

I am currently knee-deep in edits for my forthcoming book of plays 'The Dead Stage', due later this year via Crystal Lake Publishing. The book conatins all of my stageplays to date (bar one) alongside a collection of articles and interviews by theatre proffessionals. I have high hopes that this book, offering a unique take on dark fiction and the theatre, will be a success.

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