'The Home' to appear in Nameless Magazine

You thought I'd downed tools? You imagined the pressure of my nightmares proved too much for me to bear, and I'd quit penning them to pursue a career in elevator sales, right?


I'm working behind the scenes, harder than ever, and it gives me great pleasure to announce that my toe-curling, teeth gnashing, short story The Home, is to be published in the Spring edition of Jason V Brock's Nameless Magazine.

Jason is something of a legend in horror/sci-fi circles, so naturally I am thrilled to see he has taken an interest in my work.

You can read more about Jason and his achievements HERE.

About Nameless Magazine: The intended goal of Nameless Magazine is to meld divergent (even challenging) critical perspectives on a variety of subjects – fiction, music, art, film, social commentary – and present them with the best content (literary, artistic, and, in the case of the website, multi-media) we can muster.

I will post a link to the magazine once it is live.

Thanks, as ever, for your support.

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