An Update.

If you look over my CV, you'll see that at one time I was churning out week at an astonishing rate. Stories were getting picked up, readers were devouring my work, and all was well.

Ever since I began to write longer fiction, the publishing process seems to have slowed. This might be the case for all authors, but to the reader, it may appear that things have ground to a halt.

This is not true, although since my son turned 3, my workload has decreased, due to the demands of parenthood.

So, to recap: The Tainted Isle is due sometime this year courtesy of PS Publishing. I've not announced this officially yet (despite knowing for almost six months) but the contracts were signed, monies paid, and hopefully I can get cracking with the edits soon.

I also have a potential taker for The Underclass. The publisher in question especially enjoyed my original take on zombie fiction, and style of writing. Fingers crossed I can land this one!

The Home, is due to appear in Nameless Magazine in the next few months. 

Meanwhile, work on my latest has slowed to a crawl. I'll admit, it is tough to stay motivated when all around you moves slowly. However, that is part of the publishing industry, and you either live with it, or get the hell outta dodge.




I forgot to mention The Dead Stage, my book of plays will be out later this year courtesy of Crystal Lake Publishing. 

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