Self-Publishing and Me

I said I'd never do it. Call me a hypocrite or a snob, but today I self-published.

And I'll tell you why.

It has taken five years of hard work for me to be able to say I can write. For those 5 years I have relied on the judgement of indie publishers, who more often than not have failed to deliver on their promises.

Yet I took their backing as a vote of confidence, and I thank them for their support.

But this is not a hobby for me; this is my career. I have two children to provide for, bills to pay, and frankly, taking charge of some of my own work will alleviate some of the frustrations I had working with some small presses.

I will be able to promote my work, my way. I will be able to see sales figures. I will be in control.

At least to a degree. I am still trusting my most recent works to established, and prestigious publishers. However, the work that has fallen afoul of poor business management is too good to rot.

So I took it upon myself to publish Neverlight and Crippen myself. Not only that, I lowered the prices considerably.

If you have any interest in horror, dark fiction, or true crime, I ask that you give my work a try.

Thank you.



(both only 99p on Kindle)

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