It Begins...(Again)

2017-2018 has seen much work occur behind the scenes with regards to placing work completed before these dates. It is safe to say that progress on this front has not been as rapid as I'd hoped, but I believe the move from publishing with smaller indie presses, to larger presses (with the help of my agent) has progressed as the usual pace for authors working at this level, and that my issue is that it is not a pace I am accustomed to.


But I will be!

So, prepare yourself for Father Darkness Mk. 2 as work begins to emerge over the next 12 months.

First up, The Dead Stage, a book detailing my experiences as a playwright. The title includes advice from theatre industry professionals and a collection of my most successful stage plays.

The Dead Stage will be released courtesy of award-winning press Crystal Lake Publishing, on 19th October 2018.

Next up is my debut novel The Tainted Isle: English Gothic. The book follows the adventures of Solomon Whyte, England's first paranormal investigator, as he tackles cases that have become part and parcel of English folklore.

The book will be released via PS Publishing during the Spring of 2019.

The Underclass, my second novel is still to find a home. The challenge I am seeing here is finding the ideal market. The book has been well received by editors, but as it straddles so many genres, they are having a hard time deciding what type of book The Underclass is trying to be.

It would be easy to make changes and take it in a more horror-type direction, but I believe in the book the way that it is.

It will see the light of day.

Finally, my latest novella Cheslyn Myre is complete and with my agent. She has a list of publishers as long as your arm who might be interested in taking a look at this tale of childhood horror and the lasting effects of trauma. I'm pleased with how this story turned out after a difficult time writing it.

TLDR: I'm back, with my best work yet to come.

Thank you for your continued support.


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