Only Eventide - Out Now!


Well, sort of...

Only Eventide, my latest release, sees the coming together of Only The Good Burn Bright and Just Eventide, my second and fourth short story collections.

Remastered, reformatted and re-horrored (is that even a word?) you can now own both of these collections at a cheaper price than if you were to purchase them separately.

I consider some of my best work to have appeared in these collections, and it felt good giving them a fresh lick of paint.

Featuring stories such as The Butcher's Wife saga, The Home, Black Zero, Under The Old Oak Tree, and more!

Live now in Kindle format, with the HUGE paperback version due in the next few hours! (Also, because the book is packed full of content, the free sample is extremely generous, so feel free to check it out before buying in full.)

Available in all regions, or direct from me. (PM or visit my website for further details.)

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